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Janet Wallace

I prefer to communicate by email. However, if you would like my telephone number or mailing address, please email me.

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One thought on “Contact me

  1. Hi Janet. I am a backyard gardener in PEI and I came across your excellent 1997 article on legumes and nitrogen fixation published in COGNITION online. It inspired me to do some backyard research on optimal nitrogen fixation strategies. I have divided a fallow plot into 3 equal parts sowing fava beans, fenugreek and white clover respectively in the 3 sectors. I plan turn them into the soil in mid to late summer and then sow buckwheat to capture the nitrogen, and then plant potatoes in the spring and compare the yields in the 3 sectors. My question to you is whether I should turn the buckwheat into the soil in the fall just before freeze up or leave it alone and let it overwinter (die). Any thoughts on that? Or should I add subdivide each sector and compare the 2 alternatives in each sector. Thank you so much for your advice.
    Mike Irvine
    Summerside PE


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