Berries and beneficials ~ pie and pest control

macro flower_0042Just had a fabulous walk on a beach, but not a tropical beach. Instead of a bathing suit, I was bundled in many layers of cotton, wool and fleece, ending with a down jacket and snow pants. One of the many great benefits of living near the Bay of Fundy is that I can walk for miles on a beach in the winter. I need to snowshoe or ski everywhere else, but the huge intertidal zone provides a great snow-free place to walk when the tide is out.

In between shovelling, splitting firewood and volunteering for community projects, I have been writing.

My latest stories reflect two of my passions — organic farming and great food. It was a pleasure to write about the Weirs, the family behind the best blueberry pie I have ever eaten. In a completely different vein, I wrote a technical article explaining how to breed your own beneficial organisms and used my new macro lens to photograph the bugs. Thanks to Saltscapes and Small Farm Canada for publishing my articles.

You can find these and other articles on my Writing Samples page.





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