Food & Travel

In pursuit of culinary adventures, fascinating cultures, beautiful landscapes and relaxation… with a focus on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, the province of New Brunswick and Downeast Maine.

A great meal is a work of art – a balance of exquisite flavours. The meal reflects the passion of the chef and the taste of the best ingredients  the land and sea has to offer that day.

An excellent meal can be simple, and often is. It may be found in an expensive restaurant or a farmhouse. It could be served on fine china and white linen tablecloths, or eaten with my hands while sitting on a windswept rock on the seashore.

When I travel, I seek culinary adventures. I want to discover new flavours, innovative ways of preparing familiar dishes and simple good food.   

I travel to learn more about a region – its history and culture – and to meet new people. I also explore the natural areas by hiking through parks and wandering along shorelines.

My home is on the beautiful shore of Bay of Fundy near the fishing village of Alma, New Brunswick. Although I sometimes travel overseas, I often write about my own region – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Downeast Maine.


News items about food and travel can be found here.

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