Janet Wallace

I am a freelance writer, an organic grower, an artisan and a photographer. In my writing, I explore the mysteries of nature and the wonder of gardening. I offer tips on how to grow food, connect with nature and minimize our environmental impact. I write about people with passion – farmers, artisans, naturalists and activists –…

Farming & Gardening

How to grow delicious and nutritious food… How to raise healthy livestock without visiting your vet. I write about the beauty, the rewards and the challenges of farming and gardening.

Science & Nature

Articles on the plants, animals and ecosystems in Atlantic Canada. I also describe the valuable work of naturalists and scientists, and suggest ways we can help protect our environment.

Food & Travel

Food & Travel

In pursuit of culinary adventures, fascinating cultures, beautiful landscapes and relaxation… with a focus on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, the province of New Brunswick and Downeast Maine.