Craft & Culture

Articles on crafts, artisans and studio tours, with a gallery of images of my own pottery, weaving and handspun yarn.

Creating functional art, through weaving, spinning and pottery, is an essential part of my life and is reflected in my writing. I feel connected and inspired by other artisans, and I celebrate their work in my Writing

Janet weaving on a hand-made loom created by organic grower and writer Robin Guard.

A Loom of Her Own ~ Pottery & Weaving by Janet Wallace

My own work is influenced by the beauty of my environment. In much of my pottery, the colours of the Bay of Fundy flow together. My Fundy-inspired weaving incorporates strands of many shades of blue, as well as purple (the colour of dulse), deep green (same shade as sea lettuce), and silver (suggesting caps of waves reflecting the sun). I also create pottery in shades of brown and red, which reminds me of the Fundy red clay and brown earth. I sometimes create pottery with the shades of a forest in summer – colours of moss, leaves and bark. Other pieces are painted with autumnal hues.

My pottery is stoneware and my weaving is made from natural fibres (cotton, wool and silk). I also spin soft fleece from Merino and Corriedale sheep, as well as recycled sari silk.

I sell my work at local craft shows. If you’re interested in learning more about my work, contact me.

The Art of Healing…. or Healing through art
I learned how to weave in my early 20s while I was chronically ill. Before coming down with chronic fatigue syndrome, I had been working as an ecologist and spending my free time hiking, canoeing and cycling. After accepting that I was bedridden for a while, I questioned what I could do in that state.
I started to write and weave, doing each for a few minutes a day and resting afterward. I recall the sense of pride and satisfaction I found in simply weaving an inch of material in one day– a tangible reminder that although I couldn’t continue with my active life (at least not for several years), I could still do something. I could create functional art.

News about Janet Wallace’s articles on crafts and culture and her own pottery, weaving and handspun yarn can be found here.

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