Farming & Gardening

How to grow delicious and nutritious food… How to raise healthy livestock without visiting your vet. I write about the beauty, the rewards and the challenges of farming and gardening.

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Farming near the Bay of Fundy

My farming experience and passion for organic growing permeates my writing. I glean information from interviews with growers, academic research and many years of growing plants and raising livestock.

In my garden near the Bay of Fundy, I grow heirloom vegetables, small grains, seeds, edible flowers and medicinal herbs. My garden is a sanctuary for me, as well as for many forms of wildlife ranging from soil microbes to (unfortunately) deer. I plant in raised beds amid meandering paths, and use companion planting, permaculture and organic farming methods. At my old farm in Nova Scotia, I raised sheep, goats, poultry and waterfowl using natural health care methods.

I have written gardening and farming articles for Small Farm CanadaGritSaltscapesRural DeliveryThe Canadian Organic GrowerGrowing for Market, Gardenwise and other magazines.  My stories include:

  • Articles on how to garden and farm organically.
  • Profiles of  farmers and gardeners.
  • Descriptions of basic to advanced farming and gardening techniques.  
  • Features on ecological pest control, heirloom vegetables, seed saving and raising livestock. 

For more than twelve years, I edited books and magazines for Canadian Organic Growers. I was editor of The Canadian Organic Grower and EcoFarm & Garden. I also edited The Organic Companion, the Organic Field Crop Handbook (2nd Ed.) and Living with Worms in Organic Sheep Production, and co-edited Gaining Ground: Making a Successful Transition to Organic Farming.

I have also conducted on-farm research into the use of cover crops, composting and nutrient management. The results of my research can be found in Under Cover: A Guide to Using Cover Crops in the Maritimes, as well as various fact sheets and magazine articles. I have also written the text for ACORN’s Organic Path.


Any news items about farming and gardening can be found here.

Writing Samples

Farming and gardening writing samples can be found here.

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