Janet Wallace

Writer, Editor & Photographer ~ Organic Grower, Ecologist & Artisan

In my writing, I explore the mysteries of nature and the wonder of gardening. I offer tips on how to grow food, connect with nature and minimize our environmental impact.

I write about people with passion –farmers, artisans, naturalists and activists – and applaud their contributions to our community. My articles celebrate the world around me — from the food on my plate, the people who live in our region, to the beauty of the Bay of Fundy.

Welcome to my website.


Craft & CultureCraft & Culture

Articles on crafts, artisans and studio tours. I also have a gallery of images of my own pottery, weaving and handspun yarn.

Science & Nature

Articles on wildlife, ecosystems and conservation efforts in Atlantic Canada with tips on how to reduce your environmental impact.

Food & Travel
Food & Travel

Stories about eating great food and travelling in Atlantic Canada and New England with a focus on the shores of the Bay of Fundy and Downeast Maine.

Farming & Gardening
Farm & Gardening

My articles are based on interviews with growers, academic research and my own experience in organic gardening and raising livestock. My experience and passion surrounding organic growing permeates my writing.

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